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Napa Valley, CA



Cousins Maine Lobster is proud to expand our California presence into Napa Valley. Since 2012, we have worked hard to bring Maine seafood to hungry patrons throughout the U.S. We strive to create the most authentic Maine seafood experience by staying close to the source. We know the men and women who haul traps and distribute the delicious catch of the Gulf of Maine which allows us to serve the best tasting lobster rolls off our trucks or deliver a few live lobster straight to your home.

Cousins Maine Lobster and Napa Valley is a pairing that has legs. We are proud to serve our Maine seafood in an area known for taste. Whether you are an oenophile with a discriminating palate or someone who prefers wine out of a box (ain’t nothing wrong with that), we know you will love the taste of Cousins Maine Lobster.

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