Maine Dayboat Scallops

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Maine produces the very best tasting scallops in the world.  And our Maine dayboat scallops are the best of the best.  Like with Maine lobster, what makes them so special is the care and specialized practices with which they are harvested.

A dayboat is a boat that spends only hours at sea, harvesting these delicious scallops from the cold, rich inshore waters of the Gulf of Maine, and offloading its catch the very same day.  Unlike scallops caught aboard trip boats, dayboat scallops don't sit packed in ice for days or weeks at a time, soaking up added water that can dilute flavors and impart a mushy texture.  Our scallops are landed the same day they are pulled from the ocean and then weighed, bagged, and flash-frozen, locking in that characteristic sweet, briney flavor and creamy toothsome texture you want out of a perfect scallop.

We're proud to partner with Downeast Dayboat Scallops, a woman-owned company out of Bremen, Maine, putting out the best Maine dayboat scallops you can find.  Our Maine Dayboat Scallops come packaged in 1lb packs, and average 15-20 scallops per pound.  These scallops are "dry," meaning they've never been treated with added water or chemicals.  Each package of Maine Dayboat Scallops comes labeled with the region where your scallops were harvested, as well as the fisherman's name and boat name.

Varieties Available:

  • Cobscook Bay | Harvested By: F.V. Scraping By | Tasting Notes: Mild in flavor and incredibly tender, these scallops are great for scallop lovers and first-timers alike
  • Bold Coast + Cutler | Harvested By: F.V Brandon Jay | Tasting Notes: Intense in both flavor and brininess, with notes of surf clam and sea kelp
  • Frenchman Bay | Harvested By: F.V. Jamma Jack | Tasting Notes: Medium intensity in both flavor and brininess; buttery and creamy, a very well rounded scallop

Each order contains 1lb scallops (approx 15-20 scallops).

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