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Wild Caught Lobster from Maine

We serve the best lobster in the world: Wild caught, sustainably harvested, 100% premium lobster from Maine.


Rolls From Maine

We use traditional New England style split top rolls, shipped from Maine, whose flat sides are perfect for buttering and grilling. What’s Maine lobster without a roll from Maine?


Tail, Claw, & Knuckle

Taste the best Maine Lobster has to offer with our tail, claw, and knuckle Maine lobster meat. Enjoy the sweetness of the claw & knuckle paired with the luxurious taste and texture of the tail.


Hometown Lobstermen

We grew up with the lobstermen who catch our product and we’re proud to work alongside and help support a local Maine economy that employs thousands of hardworkers.


Know Where Your Food Comes From

Feel good about what you eat. Our lobster is responsibly sourced and traceable to small communities and wharves nestled along the rocky coast of Maine like Casco Bay, Cundys Harbor, Boothbay Harbor, South Bristol, Tenants Harbor, Vinahlhaven, and Port Clyde.