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Maine's Lobster Industry

Cousins Maine Lobster is primarily sourced from these areas within the Gulf of Maine: The Downeast waters in the most easterly part of the United States, the Mid Coast which encompasses the area from Bath heading East-North-East to Camden, and in Penobscot Bay near Vinalhaven.

Sustainable lobstering practices have been in place in Maine for well over a century. The Maine lobster industry is a certified sustainable fishery. Legally harvested lobsters have a carapace that measures (from the back of the eye socket to base of tail) of at least 3.25 inches but no longer than 5. Anything larger or smaller must be thrown back, a practice that protects juvenile lobsters until they reach maturity, as well as allowing the large healthy specimens to breed.

There are 5,900 legally registered lobstermen and women in Maine. Each license grants the harvester to fish up to 800 traps depending on the area. With literally millions of buoys off the coast of Maine, the industry supports thousands of jobs on shore, in addition to the hard working men and women hauling traps.

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